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We are on a mission to create environments and furniture that embrace craftsmanship and story.

It is not wasted time to sharpen a chisel or sweep the shop floor. It’s part of the creative process. Generally, there is a rush to get to the finished product. However, the tedious work that gets us there is the fuel that produces the joy in the moment when the first coat of oil is wiped on a finished piece. It is a constant battle to slow down and live in the process. It’s the challenge of the artisan, and it’s an opportunity of being human. We are all a work in progress.

I'm the learner. The lumber that I shape is older than I am, so I’m postured as the student, not the teacher. It’s an obvious relationship that way. It creates a mutual appreciation for the obstacles that arise when building a piece of furniture. Knots are not only flaws, they are parts of the life of the tree. Splits are mended, and holes are filled. The rest of our life cannot escape holes and cracks, so I say let us embrace them and be a part of mending them when we can. Impurities are part of our story, so let us not remove them completely from our crafted pieces anymore than we can from the rest of our lives. My woodworking career is necessarily shaped by my basic conviction that we are creatures with a purpose. So I hope you can trust that your product is built with care and consideration.

Environments that are crafted with consideration naturally create a different aura— an inspiring one. The Pacific Northwest grants us beauty to draw from and a plethora of natural resources to steward. It also presents us with a deep history to remember and a story to further. Hopefully as you look through these pieces, you are inspired to appreciate the beauty and purpose of the story around us.

Tables and chairs, benches and doors are built to be used. They will each eventually be worn down. They will be scarred by the happenings of life. Tables will endure spills and the over-zealous Sharpie. That's to be expected. Couches will be soiled by shoes and yogurt and wine. However, at the bottom of it all, I believe there is a difference in value, when it comes to where we buy our goods and where we invest.

Quality, solid wood furniture can be refinished and repaired, just as quality upholstery can be cleaned. Veneers and laminates cannot always endure the refinishing process because they weren’t built with spills and cup rings in mind. One benefit of investing in quality products is that it removes the need for fearful protection, by replacing it with the knowledge that when life happens, it can be fixed. So it’s okay if the table or the cabinet gets a scratch on it. That’s life. Let’s draw our attention to the person doing the scratching. They are more valuable in every way. 

- Old Hat Workshop